Embodying True Love and

Compassion for God's Creation

Trinlty Lutheran Church (TLC) is a community of people joined together

in the mission of Embodying True Love and Compassion for all God’s Creation.

That love manifests in many ways through service to our neighbors, earth, and one another.

We know that we are called to practice this mission in community. We do not always agree,

we do not always see eye to eye, but we are committed to learning, seeking, naming and actively  participating in God’s work in the world.



Transforming lives through the power of God’s love 


We believe...The life that Jesus has to offer is so different than what the world offers.

What does this new life look like? LOVE... we are living transformed lives through Christ. 

Loving by Serving 

We believe...We are called through love to be servants to one another.

Serving in love connects us to God, our community near and far, and to ourselves.

We are able to serve in love by keeping CHRIST at the core of what we believe. 


Christ is the center of our life 

We believe... Encountering purpose and meaning begins and ends with Christ.

We practice living our everyday lives with Christ at our center. With the abundance

God gives us through His love we share GOD’s LOVE with our community. 

Trinity Lutheran Church

196 N. Ashwood Avenue |  Ventura, CA 93003                  

(805) 644-7474