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After the lights are taken down, after the Christmas trees are tossed in the compost, after the presents and treats and ribbons and bows are all put away again, the light still shines.  Our days are getting longer, and we maybe can hang on, just a little longer, to the good will and compassion felt around the Christmas season.

There IS light around us.  Are we able to connect to it?  There IS hope that spills over into the days of January.

Someone made a comment to me recently about the arbitrary nature of new year’s resolutions.  That it seems a very “western” construct.  I think that, although this is not an entirely incorrect idea, there is something about the light of Christmas that illuminates how we might be able to make some lasting changes in the manner in which we enter into the world.  

Ideally these insights would happen every Sunday when we join together for celebration and worship, but at the very least we can glean the learnings from the past year and make some changes in how we enter into the work of Christ as we look forward to the year ahead.

How are you making changes in your life to celebrate God in the world these days?

Peace, Pastor Erin