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There is something about this proclamation that caught me this Easter season.  Maybe it was because Pastor Todd’s Palm Sunday message spoke of how we care for one another - and take care of one another.  Maybe because I never noticed before this bold proclamation, maybe because there is something significant about being told a story in a voice that we like to say we know and identify with, but rarely draw out of the Gospels.  

Whatever the case, I think it is a call to us to start noticing and naming where we SEE THE LORD, in our daily lives.  He is here with us, He is Risen, He is moving among us.

As we moved into the statement of belief after the Gospel, Pastor Todd named for us a few places that we might be seeing and hearing the living Christ - such as the gathered church, in the meal that we share, in the work that we do together to serve the community, in children who dance during worship, in the bright shirts of ones who serve others.  

We are the living body of Christ, and as hard as it is to put all those pieces together, we will continue to work with one another at bringing this living Christ to the world as the spirit works in and through us.

Maybe you can come up with some places where you see Christ in the world.  

Maybe you can name and join in some of the good work you see taking shape.

Maybe this Easter season is a call to you to take a step in following where Christ is leading.