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In a world where there seems to be a constant barrage of commercial and social media information and sharing, it behooves us to take a moment to breathe, remember and reflect on the teachings of the resurrected Christ.

This week we shared the account of Jesus appearing to all the disciples except for Thomas, as they hid in “fear of the Jews”.  Pastor Todd, emphasized Jesus’ greeting to the disciples. Note - he did not ask, “why are you hiding” or “what makes you so afraid”.  But instead his first words are ‘Peace be with you”
Three times in the narrative Jesus says “Peace be with you”. When something in a story is repeated three times it is significant.

This Peace from Christ must, therefore, be essential.  It is in this revelation that Jesus conveys a relationship, a connection and a bond of peace.

This peace is one that we, as humanity, are in continual need of remembering.  Both that we have peace with one another as we gather together, and peace with God as we remember what God had done for us, with us and in us.  

Jesus seems to want to make sure that this peace reveals a time of joy as we gather.  After he reveals himself to the disciples he does a strange thing - Jesus breathed on them.  It is another reminder for us that at creation God breathed into the clay and gave life to humans.

From the first moments to our story of life in Christ to this moment and into life everlasting, God’s revealing to us happens all the time.  Reminders of Peace, Joy and Purpose in our lives.

How does that attention and breath in our lungs drive us to celebrate life together in Christ?  Do we see this as essential?

Use that breath, share your story, the story of God in your life….