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Out of love and extravagant gratitude she (Mary) had to bathe Jesus' feet.  She could not wait until he had died.  She could not wait for his burial. It was an act of gratitude for the life he had shown her in how he walked in the world with the people and community that she loved.  It was an act of gratitude for bringing her brother back to life.  It was a recognition of the way Jesus was calling them to live with one another in the present time.

Mary is not the only one showing gratitude in this gospel lesson - Martha is showing gratitude by doing her work of serving.  Lazarus is showing gratitude by sitting at the table with Jesus.  Knowing that he has a second chance at life after being raised from the dead, he chooses to be there with Jesus.

An act of worship, an act of service and an act of fellowship are being displayed by these three siblings.
It is an example for us about how we are called to work together as the body of Christ - in worship, service and fellowship.   

This is not just a coincidence.  This is a message that speaks to us across time.  This is a message with purpose that continues to hold true.  

We have the opportunity to join in this act of gratitude daily,  and recognize where we see Jesus with us in the world.

Let us learn to live life this way with one another.