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When we spend time listening, REALLY listening we come to a better understanding of how we are connected to the trusted voices in our lives.  We find that when we listen it is easier to follow.  But we cannot know someone's voice well unless we spend time listening.  I am not sure that we have or embrace the many opportunities in the world today to just sit and listen.  Do we take time to listen carefully?  Do we take a moment to order our senses in such a way as to pay attention to all the details of tone, pitch, intensity, volume, pace of speech, and vocabulary?

It seems to me that as we have been walking through this season of Easter and taking time to recognize the Risen Christ among us.  I, for one, tend to lean on my sight for recognition.  Where do I SEE the action of Christ in the world around us?  But as I dug into the scripture and the lessons from this past week, I have been more convinced of the art of listening.

Where do we HEAR Christ calling us?  What do we HEAR Christ saying to us?  It seems to me that when I “hear” a call, I tend to lean in a little closer to find out what is going on, to better understand the word and the tone.  

We all rely on a few of our senses more than others.  Maybe that is Why God gave us five (or six) senses, so that we have the opportunity to use them and understand God’s action in the world in different ways. We all have different ways that we take in information.  What a gift it is that God comes to us in ways that we can best understand.  It is a reminder that when we are called to “Get Up” we best get a move on.

Where are the places you hear, see, or feel God moving you to get up and participle in the life around you?  How can this community of Christ help?