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Fear is a hard emotion to work around.  Jesus calls us to remember that we are in this together - we might not see him in the flesh, but we can live out what he has taught us.  We can pay attention to our thoughts, words and deeds, and how they reflect God in the world - as well as God in us…

Renee Decarte coined the phrase - “I think therefore I am”.  Meaning the only thing that remains true is that there is a mind or consciousness that does the doubting and the believing in our perceptions - the way we “see” the world.

If we say we believe in God, and the teachings of Christ - then our vision of the world is already coated in some way of the necessity and buoyancy of God’s Peace. 

It seems to me that each of us, like little children, need to see and hear and understand God in a way that makes sense in our conscious minds, AND as human nature reveals to us - we best take in that information through relationship with those we deeply trust... dare I say even deeply love. 

I encourage you to have some conversation with your family (and/or friends) about where you might see God moving in the world.  You might be surprised to hear that just by sharing a story or a moment of peace, that your relationships change, hopefully deepen, but certainly grow in your connection to the creator.

Jesus reminds us that we have a path to follow.  Or at the very least guideposts.  And when we set our hearts and minds (our THOUGHTS) on what Jesus has taught us…our words follow and then our actions.  And then it runs the other way as well - our actions give weight to our words and help others to understand our thoughts and values - and then point right to God… 

An intriguing way to live in and with community.