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This text comes during a conversation between Jesus and Simon Peter, at the 4th appearance of Jesus amid His followers.  I want to note this because I want it to be clear that Jesus does not abandon His disciples.  It seems that Jesus wants this to be clear to us as well.  

Pastor Todd drew our attention to the references of fear in the text, but also noted that the word does not appear.  Only the references to what has happened and what is happening.  In the main this is what the disciples have learned through fear...  

That following Jesus gets you crucified - 
Peter out of fear denied Jesus 3 times (out of Fear)
The women at the tomb fled in fear (and said nothing to anyone)
Mary was afraid that someone had stolen the body of Jesus
The disciples were afraid and they hid in the upper room... and they kept hiding for at least a week.

Fear permeates the stories post resurrection and so Jesus knows they need an antidote.

Being in the middle of fear may make us feel like we are on our own, but Jesus will never abandon us to do it on our own.

When we are afraid, we can focus our heart and minds on Jesus.  That does not make the monsters go away, necessarily, but it does give us the courage to walk through the storms of life and to know that we are held in the arms of Christ.

May Christ’s gentle hand guide you through those places that bring fear into your life, and may you know that you do not walk alone.