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Do we think it is possible for us to be one?  That we can be of one mind and one spirit?  I think that when we see or hear something like this statement we get the idea that it means we have to all think exactly the same thing, right down to the last jot and tittle.

Once when I was traveling as a student in college I was able to go to an opera in Vienna.  My friends and I had been traveling for a week - had no clean clothes left and wanted to go see the opera Carmen. So we dug out what we could find in our bags and tried to look our best and got last minute cheap tickets.  I ended up sitting in a box quite close to the front of the theater, with three stately men in tuxedos.  I knew enough to be a little less than comfortable with my attire, but these gentlemen were just that, gentlemen.  They offered me the seat closest to the front, and were very courteous.  

That sort of kindness does not always happen.  I could have certainly been pushed to the side as unworthy.  They easily could have set me aside, and made comments about what I was wearing, or that they were not greatly appreciative to have to share their box.

We hear in John’s Gospel about Jesus and God being one and that we also are to be one with God. What does that mean? 

There are times in all our lives when we just won’t (or can’t) fit into the social norms of our surroundings.  That begs the question, as to what “being one” means in John’s Gospel? For John it seems that the love that God loved, came to us through Jesus who is something/someone we can know. Once that love has taken our hearts, we also become one because God is love. This still doesn’t answer the question of what it means to be one with God, but it does offer guidance.

This week you are invited to challenge yourself to name your inner feelings about how you are loved and united (or not) with God.  Become aware of them.  Try to be as precise as possible, going beyond glad, sad, or mad. (more things like God calls me to….. and my response is……)  This exercise increases our emotional intelligence and brings us closer to understanding John’s idea of oneness.  

Also - this week do something kind…and note a grace filled moment.  (So many of you do kind things as a part of your daily walk already, this week make note of it, and your feelings about it)