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It is easy for us to get caught up in the doing.  The actual hands on create something you can SEE and touch, kind of “doing”, the make a “difference in the world”, work of the church, that gives everyone tangible access to this community of Christ.  The DOERS OF THE WORD, as James encourages…

Pastor Todd noted on Sunday morning - “if you can be good enough by doing good works - why do you need Jesus?” - why would you waste your time doing all the good you can do - if you don’t  ALSO need Jesus - if you can just be good enough.  Are GOOD WORKS a “trap”?  That lull us into thinking that we can do “this” (life, death, salvation…) on our own.

Our study and scripture teaches us that there is NOTHING in this “natural” world that exists separate from the fingerprints of God.  It is ALL God’s work, God’s creation, God’s plan… (well, we mess it up a bit here and there - but also free will is part of God’s plan right???)  And that free will was what maybe James was “worried” about for us. That God loves us so much that we get “lazy.  So instead James focuses on the doing part of our faith.  

Still we are in need of more than just the work of our relationship with God, we also need a profound, depth of understanding that God LOVES us.  And loves us so much that we are given Grace in all the ways we don’t do the “work” quite in the way God intended for us.  And that depth of understanding comes only through a relationship that we grow to recognize as we develop our relationship with God.

Be DOERS of the word - but also do so with the love of God in your heart, so that the fullness of Christ may be seen in the world here and now.

Pastor Erin