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What do we do for one another in Christ's name?  And what does it matter if we are from different places doing things in Christ’s name???  These are some of the questions that the disciples wrestled with as they followed Christ and watched the actions and reactions of the people around them.

What we continue to see and hear 2000 years later is remnants of the ideas of Salt and Light - which for us have become “twinned concepts”.  Salt is mentioned in the Bible over 40 times.  IT was of high value and great importance in the day of Jesus - much like silver and gold in the mid 1900s and much like diamonds or expensive cars (namely Ferraris) or Bluefin Tuna are today.  

The idea of the importance and value of salt and light give us an idea of how we might live our lives.  They are reminders of signs of God within us.  As we are called to be faithful, we are also called  to live in a way that reveals God’s light in the world.  Keep in mind that salt is a catalyst, in other words, we are called to be a catalyst for change in the world.  It’s not just about being a spicy disciple full of seasoning and spunk.

Pastor Bruce reminded us in his sermon on Sunday that “Jesus does not say you SHOULD be salt of the earth or you HAVE to be or you BETTER be - but you ARE salt of the earth.  You are already spicy and full of seasoning.  You are already important and valuable.  Even if you don’t know, or even if you forgot, even if you have a hard time believing it, Jesus is making a promise about our very being.”

How fortunate are we to have that word of LIFE to buoy us through the rough waters of the world; to light the way in the dark, and to remind us that we ALL have great value and worth.  We are able to share our good fortunes with others. 

So that leads me to the question:  What are we doing in earnest to BE salt and light in the world?  Are we intentionally using that gift, or do we hide it from others?  Do we know when we are letting the salt and light of God be present in our daily lives?  And, how do we share this light with others?

Tell me - I am curious to know…

Pastor Erin