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We all think we would know Jesus if we saw him in our communities.  But with our ideas of what Jesus looks like and the renditions in paintings that have hung in our churches and homes, would we really be able to recognize Jesus in our surroundings?

Do we recognize Jesus in the people around us?  Those who are in need of care and attention?  Those who are willing to answer the call to follow Christ’s teachings and be the hands and feet of God in the world?  We are called to do the WORK of God in the world - because that is how we are created as humans.  With hands for the task and feet for the road - but what we miss in the work - if we are not paying attention - is also the building of relationship with all of humanity.

We are called to find ways that we connect with one another.  In this last year that has been a weighty task as our social norms and media hype has focused more on ways we disagree.  I don’t think we need to believe and act in exactly the same way - that does not give us much potency for the breadth and depth of faith.  But can we find ways that we do connect with one another?  Can we find more common ground than chasm between us?  Can we make that effort?  Can we see Jesus among us?

May you find that the God of Grace guides you into finding strength and union with Jesus in the world around you.  And may you see the face of Jesus in the here and now.

Pastor Erin