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Last Sunday was the Sunday in the church year that we call GOOD SHEPHERD SUNDAY.  It is a reminder for us that:

  • We have someone to “look out for us"
  • We have one another with whom we are to bond with and comfort.
  • he shepherd is called to lay down his life (literally) to make sure that the flock is safe. 

“Sheep need a leader to look out for them.  And as much as I often cringe and being compared to a sheep, we as people sometimes need someone to look out for us. - It’s just that unlike sheep, we have the ability to be discerning and have the ability to use reason - I am not saying that we actually USE those abilities, but we do have them…” (from Pastor Erin’s sermon on Sunday)

As we read through the bible and other literature, about Jesus' time on earth we can come to understand more deeply God’s love for us.  We are not all that great about coming together as one.  It takes us a long time to find ways to connect with one another, but when we make the effort, it can make all the difference, in our lives and our community.

Consider for a moment - Are there moments and events in your life where you have witnessed how people have walked with one another??? Guided one another?  Protected one another? Can you imagine the myriad of ways that we can continue to walk with one another now???
We are called to be one with each other.  Let us continue to find ways to make that happen.
Pastor Erin