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It is striking how quickly Simon’s mother-in-law went from being ill with a fever to working to serve her “guests” in just a moment. Pastor Todd took a moment on Sunday to point out the nature of how women (even through sickness and exhaustion) somehow find a way to muster up the strength to serve those who come into their presence.

Reminding us of “essential” workers. Reminding us that there are those who work continuously for the good of all. Both essential workers and those whose work we all too often take for granted.  
Have we forgotten, or let go of how to care for ourselves and others at the same time? Have we forgotten the rhythms of working as a team? Do we need to re-learn how to work together and pick up where others have left off?

This last Sunday was Superbowl Sunday (in case you missed it or forgot).  It was amazing to watch how the team worked TOGETHER to be able to play in this game. It was also interesting to hear the support and the rhythms that have been important as they practice and train. AND paying attention to the women who care for these players (and coaches)  - did you see that the mom of the Tampa Bay coach was in the stands???  At 90 something she was there to cheer for her boy!!!

Did you also remember that February is Black History Month?  Let’s keep that in front of us as well…It is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history.

Questions to Ponder -

  1. The importance of America having its first African-American president
  2. Martin Luther King Jr. is inspirational because…
  3. What can you learn from someone of another race?
  4. People should be treated equally because…
  5. If you were an enslaved person who managed to escape, what would you do once you got out?
  6. Why is Lincoln considered one of the most important presidents in US history?