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When we understand the rhythm and culture of the time in which Jesus walked the earth a little better it helps us to understand from where our traditions and rhythms spring forth.

I was talking with a friend the other day about how rhythms and order are passed down from one generation to the next and that if something ain’t broke we don’t fix it…(more on that in the weeks to come) But are there things that we can improve upon???

Maybe we can learn about how to trust one another and love one another enough to be able to confront the “demons” in our lives.  Helping one another be focused not just on helping one another - but learning how to care for ourselves as well.  Sometimes we need a good friend to remind us to “slow down” and breathe in the beauty and love and care around us, or to “ramp up” and hold us accountable for reaching a goal.  Sometimes, often we need both.  It is in these moments of connection that we learn and re-learn to trust one another.  To be the body of Christ for one another in the world on THIS day.

Maybe that is a little glimmer of what Jesus calls us into as we walk in this century.  Because if we can let go of our demons, and we become more aligned with who God has created us to be - how much lighter will our lives become. 

Where do you need to slow down and let go?  Where might you be moved to “ramp up”?  And what kind of support can your community give you?

Peace to you on the Journey,
Pastor Erin