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So on Sunday I talked a little about being called to more than just being “followers”...that we are called to take the Ministry of Christ a step further. We are called, invited, encouraged to be the body of Christ in the world NOW - we are the hands and feet of Christ NOW…  this means that while we “follow” the teachings of Christ - we are also to go a step further and understand how we experience Christ in the world - because in our day and age it is experience that tends to move us more.  It is in experiencing Christ that we come to better understand how we might be able to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world.  

Think about it - what was it in your life that moved you to be a part of a Christian body or movement?  How have you best come to understand God at work in the world?  Does it make you want to take part?  How do you understand the Holy Spirit functioning in the world around you and how do you take part?

We will continue to find ways in this new year to join together in the work and ministry of God in the world.  We at TLC will strive to help you “Experience” God here and now.

How are you experiencing God in your own homes?  How can we help?


Pastor Erin