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Hard to imagine leaving the life you know, giving it all up, at the simple call of a traveling “preacher”.  Maybe that was more of a typical thing to do in the days of Jesus, or maybe we really don’t have a clear understanding of the kind of “living” into which people were born.  That is the times that the New Testament was written, “choice” was not the same kind of option that exists today.  

If you were in a place that you had to work a grueling, tough, physically tiring job EVERYDAY (weekends and holidays were not a “thing”) it is likely that you might always be looking for something different - ANYTHING different.  

And as lovely as it might be to cling to the words that the disciples “immediately” followed because Jesus called and had such a magnetic and lovely personality, I have a hard time thinking that you could intuit that from boat to shore.  We only get a “glimpse” in the scripture.  And the best we can do is consider life at that time - and what might equate to seeking change in the same way today.

There is still much oppression that happens in the 22nd century.  We are still finding those sharp edges where people are hurting, we are still craving connection and conversation, and healing.  
What are we willing to give up to enter into the conversations and life that Jesus calls us to “follow”?  Are we willing to change our whole lives?  All of us?  Will we immediately drop the lives that we know to learn how to live for others as Jesus teaches?  As lovely as that sounds I think we might all have our “qualifications” as to what we might be willing to actually leave behind and/or actually do.  

Thankfully - we are called to walk this road together - to help one another, to work at building up community while IN community.  It is not “easy”, relationships rarely are, but I do believe that is it worth it.  And in doing this work our lives become richer and broader and more meaningful.  

May you hear the call of Christ in your life and be willing to IMMEDIATELY follow…
Pastor Erin