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On the one hand this seems like a warm and open welcome to all those who had come to hear Jesus preach.  On the other hand it sound like an admonishment for those who were in seats of “power”

We were reminded in the sermon from Sunday that kids in adolescence are in a tough life transition.  Pastor Todd called out to the community to:

1 - Pray for them - and their families 
2 - Get to know them, learn their names and find out what they are interested in.

When I was a youth director, and when I served in my first few called positions, this was my favorite age group.  Partially because one gets to be super creative (and not have to do things the way they have ALWAYS been done), and partially because this age group has no social filter.  If they are going to talk; they will say exactly what they it or not.  They will add a little edge to their comments and actions just to see where your edges are.  

This is a total generalization.  There really is more to each of our youth, just like there is so much more to each of us, and every person we meet.  

Jesus continually reminds us of inclusion.  Not just the kind of inclusion that sets up different boundaries, but inclusion that gets rid of the boundary lines all together.  It is hard work.  It puts us off balance when we don’t know where we can safely stand.  

We are not God.  But we can remember we are somehow included in the community of the trinity.  We have a space, a place, at the table.

Can we extend that invitation to others?

How can we find ways to continue to connect with the world around us?