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This last Sunday was mother's day: According to, Anna Jarvis originated Mother's Day in May 1908. Jarvis's mother was known for organizing women's groups to promote health and friendship... In the wake of her mother's death, Jarvis wanted to set aside a day to honor the sacrifices of mothers for their children.

Since this celebration and appreciation does not have to be a one and done kind of recognition, or if you missed it, or forgot, or got to the florist too late and didn’t know about the flower shortage - or whatever reason - I thought maybe it would be helpful to consider the following Prayer…

Pandemic Mother’s Day Prayer: Another Kind of Mother’s Day
Dear God, we pray for all the mothers today.
For this is a mother’s day just like every other, yet more pronounced.
For every single one that can’t safely see their children.
For the essential working mom, who is trying to do everything, we pray that they are able to receive some care themselves.
For the mothers who are ill, we pray for peace.
For the women who are given the duties of motherhood–the stepmothers, Godmothers, grandmother’s, chosen mothers, aunties, mentor-mothers as well as the single dads and the men who offer their mothering gifts, we pray that all of their work shines in their beloved children.
For the lonely mothers, we pray that they can receive moments of connection.
For the estranged families on this day, we pray that they can maintain safe boundaries and celebrate with their found families.
For the mothers who are pregnant–probably equal parts mixed excitement and fear to be bringing a baby into the world–we pray they feel strong roots beneath them to support them.
For the mothers who are caretaking–similar to how they always do, yet having to absorb all of the COVID changes and be a buffer for their charges–we pray that your work is appreciated.
For the single mothers who are doing more by themselves than ever, we pray that you can receive support.
For all the mothers who feel overwhelmed, inadequate or stressed, we pray that you receive love and be set free from shame.
On this just another mother’s day where everything is the same, but different, we pray for all the mothers, sons and daughters, for all the families. Close together or far apart, let us hold each and every kind of mother in prayer today.
Remind each member of all families that we are each a child of God, and that God longs to shelter us under her wings–caring for us, feeding us and protecting us like a Mother Hen cares for her brood. We pray for this God to shelter us in her loving arms this particular Mother’s Day through the power of the Holy Spirit we pray. Amen.

Credit to Pastor Katy Stenta; adapted by Pastor Bonnie Wilcox.

May God continue to send us mothering love to help and guide us.

Pastor Erin