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It is no wonder, to me, that Jesus needed to give the disciples (and us) concrete images to help define the nature of God in the world - and our need for God and connection.

Connection to one another is essential for our overall health.  God gives us ample opportunity to find connection for our own health and sanity.  Even introverts and those who think that they are relatively immune to the sway of those around them need social connection.  They may focus solely on their own personal destiny, but they also require connection, just in different ways.  

Maybe we claim that we don’t really know what it means to “abide” in Christ.  Yet we certainly find ways to immerse ourselves in our beloved hobbies, sports, or social media.  In other words, we find ways to “abide” in life experiences.  We find ways to make connections in these experiences.   

As we walked together into and through the worship services last Sunday, I was delighted to see, again, people that have not been able to be in worship with us for over a YEAR!!!  I am grateful that we are able to find ways to continue to graciously and safely walk in this time together.

I am deeply grateful for all who came and wore their masks, and realized how to be together safely.  We are so much better and healthier as a community when we are able to gather and be in personal contact.
In the past few weeks we have read stories in the Gospels referring to Jesus teaching about bringing all people to Him.  Connecting with Jesus and with one another is essential.  Recognizing our shared spirit and finding ways that we can be healthy in our own personal lives - and how that manifests and protects our community is necessary for the growth and health of our congregation.

How are we doing at finding and maintaining our connections to one another?  How can we hear the word of God calling and guiding us?
Pastor Erin