The Trinity Lutheran Church Mission Endowment Fund was established in June 1992 to help ensure and preserve the future ministry of our congregation through gifts or bequests. Income from the fund will be distributed by the Mission Endowment Committee to encourage the planting and nurturing of special ministries, projects and programs within the Christian community at large, the ELCA and Trinity Lutheran Church.

Classification of Gifts
Undesignated Gifts are those whose income is not committed to any specific ministry or purpose by the donor. There is no minimum gift amount.

Designated Gifts are those whose income is committed to a specific ministry or purpose (which is consistent with the Christian stewardship principles of the fund) by the donor. The committee is not compelled to accept a designated gift nor will it initially accept as a designated gift any contribution which is less than $5,000. However, if a contribution of $5,000 has already been made, it may be added to by a gift of any amount.

How can I Give?

You can give to the work of the Mission Endowment Fund through bequests in wills, assignment of life insurance, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder and other trusts, assignment of CDs or retirement accounts and transfers of property (cash, stocks, bonds, real estate).

How will my gifts be used?

Income from Designated Gifts shall be distributed according to the wishes of the donors. Income from Undesignated Gifts shall be distributed as follows: A minimum of 30% for outreach in the community and synod. A minimum of 30% for missions in this continent and worldwide. Up to 40% for any one or all of the above designated areas in any proportion as determined by the Committee. Our goal is to distribute approximately 5% of the total assets in the fund annually. This is only a guideline not a requirement of a legal obligation.

Since the beginning in 1992, the Fund has received gifts of all sizes and the current balance is approximately $375,000. The Mission Endowment Fund provides an opportunity for you to share from your current and/or accumulated funds knowing that the money will be used for the Lord’s work. If you are considering any type of gift, the Committee can provide you with general information but we encourage you to discuss your gift and the tax benefits with your tax attorney of CPA.