Embodying True Love and

Compassion for God's Creation



  • THE TRIUNE GOD – God in the Persons of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is the source and primary reason for our existence as a body. All of our activities and ministries are for His glory alone.


  • THE WORD OF GOD – We emphasize teaching, understanding, and obedience to Christ.

  • THE SACRAMENTS – We believe that God imparts grace to us through the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper which are holy signs and seals of the covenant of grace instituted by Christ.


  • PRAYER – Through prayer we communicate with God and acknowledge that He is in control and will act in powerful ways. This vital act of faith should be at the forefront of all our daily efforts and activities.


  • SERVICE – We respond to God’s love by using our God-given gifts in lives of service that demonstrate Christ’s love to all.


  • WORSHIP – Worshipping God in spirit and truth is fundamental to the life and growth of our congregation. In dynamic and participatory worship we give God praise and adulation. We receive grace and strength through sharing the awesome presence of God.


  • DISCIPLESHIP – We seek to grow in our commitment to Christ by daily taking up our cross.


  • EVANGELISM – We actively share the Gospel with each other and with those around us that they may come to know Christ.


  • UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – All our thoughts and actions should stem from God’s unconditional love. This love is reflected in fellowship that is genuine, encouraging, and welcoming. Forgiveness, humility, and compassion are characteristics that should govern our behavior.


  • EDUCATION – We learn God’s Word and grow in faith through preaching, teaching, small group study, and other Christian educational opportunities.


  • STEWARDSHIP – Everything we do is a reflection of our belief.

Trinity Lutheran Church

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