Welcome to TLC!

Trinity Lutheran Church (TLC) is a community of people joined together in the mission of Embodying True Love and Compassion for all God’s Creation. That love manifests in many ways through service to our neighbors, earth, and one another. We know that we are called to practice this mission in community. We do not always agree, we do not always see eye to eye, but we are committed to learning, seeking, naming and actively participating in God’s work in the world.

We ARE a Family of Believers

God gives us family.
Sometimes that family is biological and it can be drawn like a family tree. Sometimes that family is forged in adversity, for example, kids who are bullied banding together or a military unit that stays close long after the war is over.

At TLC, God has given us a community of faith, joined together in common belief and common practices. We don't all agree on everything, but we do make one common confession: Jesus Christ is Lord! And in this family of believers:
          - we encourage one another
          - we remind each other who and whose we are
          - we practice forgiveness on one another
          - we hold each other accountable
          - we join together in worship and praise
          - and we support this family of God with our time, our talents, and our treasures

And when we live out our faith doing the will of God - we join God in creating this family, helping it grow, making it healthy, and leading it into God's plan for TLC's future.

This is the family of believers that we have been adopted into and that we continue to shape in partnership with God. Let's work and worship, play and pray together in this family of believers created by God!