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“If the word of God is living and active - it means that it changes you all the time - and it is a little exhausting.”

“God is moving and changing and shaping us all the time.”

These are a few of the words of wisdom from our new Bishop, Brenda Bos.  She also described using the word of God as a double edged sword.  (I recommend looking up the references to what a double edged sword is) Bishop Bos referred to it as a weapon that is used, but watch out - it can and will bounce back and hit you.

As we continue in this season of change, it is wise for us also to pay attention to the word of God in our lives. How is our living God present???  How is God moving and shaping us???  And what is it that we are called to carry forward to be stewards of the love of God in the world???

It can be shocking and feel unbalanced when the things of this world start to change.  As though we have shockingly borne the brunt of the rebound of a sword.  But I think that most change is actually slow, and we just have not been paying attention to its cause and effect.  

Consider the natural world of plants.  Growth in large plants is slow, but even when we don’t see it, growth is happening beneath the surface.

Even in our ordered lives, changes are happening, but they are not always evident, or fast, or painful like the double edged sword.  Still we can trust that God is moving in and through us.  And through that trusting nature, maybe we can find ways to let go of what is not essential, so that we too can move with God in the world!

A worthy challenge and conversation.

Peace to you in Christ
Pastor Erin