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We have so very much to be grateful for in our lives: our community, our ability to easily access information, and the ways in which we communicate and stay connected to friends and loved ones all over the world.  

Maybe you have heard the words - “You are blessed to be a blessing”.  It is a way of re-phrasing the text from Genesis 12:2 which says “And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.”  I wonder if  we just can’t hear this enough.  We are blessed through a number of promises throughout scripture.  God blesses us.  God LOVES us.  Because of this, we can be a blessing to others.  God instructs us through the Spirit and Scripture.  God comforts in ways more numerous than we can count.  We can carry these blessings and comfort to others.  Blessings come from God to us, but they don’t stop with us.  We are called upon to let blessings flow through us and between us.  
We are wrapped in the love of God so that we might be nurtured in a way that gives us the desire to be a blessing to others.

Do you know that you are blessed to be a blessing?  How have you noticed ways in your life that the blessings of God flow through you?

Pastor Erin