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This Gospel text is a hard one to just take a slice out of to examine.  It is in reading the WHOLE story that we can understand more clearly the reality of the brokenness of our humanity AND God’s grace in finding ways to work in and through each of us.

Pastor Todd reminded us in his sermon that “Our brokenness is how God’s light gets through our defenses, our brokenness is how God works through us for others.”

We so often look at our brokenness as a weakness - but what if we were to see it as an advantage in working with God’s plan and mission for the world.  What if we could find ways to share our jagged edges and connect more closely with one another.

There is still have work for us to do to do, to learn how to live in a way that we can find, name, and grow into the community that God has called us into. We are called to be honest about our broken-ness - but to also find ways of healing and wholeness.  Going back to the story of creation we are reminded that even in the first moments of human existence God had an understanding that it was not good for a person to be alone.  

Note also that it is not good for any person to stay in a place of brokenness.  God created us for living, and if we are in relationships that are broken, it might be time to get out, or at the very least, get help.  There are always people who will help.

Pastor Todd also made note near the end of his sermon that in one sermon he “covered” the following:
“A return from active duty
Justice on a global scale
A re-booted confirmation program
Upcoming stewardship campaign”

Yes - he did warn us at the beginning that he had a lot to say...but in the end - it was a reminder that we are in this life TOGETHER.  We do the work of the church - the work of our mission as people of GOD, TOGETHER.  We Embody True Love and Compassion For All God’s Creation - TOGETHER!!!

How are we letting the light of God in each of us shine through to our communities today? Tomorrow?  Next week?

Check out the upcoming events and see if you can join us in some way.

Pastor Erin