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It is no small thing to imagine Jesus weeping.  How do we hold the juxtaposition of believing in God who is the alpha and omega and at the same time fully human and one who would be so filled with emotion and grief that he would let himself weep.

As a family of Believers, we maintain in our lifetimes a wide range of sorrows and joys.  This is how we are created - and God chose and chooses to join with us in those emotions on a personal level.   A reminder that we are not alone.  We are connected in some very real and deep ways with our Creator.

What a blessing.

In the upcoming weeks and months you are encouraged to find ways to tell your stories of connection.  Both in terms of Faith (which we will practice in the TLC community) and recognizing your connections in your family and public community. 

What is a time in your life that you found yourself surrounded by community - in joy or sorrow?

Pastor Erin