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And thus we search - for truth…

Pastor Todd lead us through a step by step process of removing our worldly understanding of how Kingdoms work - and invited us to ask questions and open our minds and hearts to the KIN-DOM of Christ.

Here is a bit of what he presented to us in his sermon...

From Christ the King to Christ the Kin in 3 easy steps –

1 – Jesus likes to focus on the Truth
2 – Focus on the one who IS Truth – Jesus
3 – Jesus says the Truth is this…We Are Friends

Why do we bother to know this?  Because the relationship we have with Christ is not a King/Servant relationship or even Lord/Servant relationship.  It is one of friendship and love.

The question for us now is HOW do we create/build/nurture these relationships?

Let’s start by simply agreeing to meet with one another in times of worship and gathering...and taking time to learn more about how we can be in relationship with one another in the KIN-DOM of God.

Pastor Erin