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Slowing, Preparing, Watching, Waiting
For most people who celebrate during this time of year, it feels as though there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things that we want to do - AND enjoy the celebrations that we attend or host.

It is sometimes helpful to take a moment - just to breathe.  When we slow ourselves down - maybe we learn to recognize and enjoy the festivities even a little more.

There is something in hearing the words of the story of the birth of Jesus, the prophecies, the familiar connections that give us a moment for pause.  And in those moments we may be able to be intentional about the breath that moves through us.

John was in the wilderness for a time of slowing, a pause, a time away from the business of the world at the time.  He went away to listen for the voice of God.  

These days, we do not have the opportunity to slow down as much as we might like, but we can take a few moments to be intentional, to breathe, and to slow down.

May these days before Christmas, be a blessing in your life story.

Peace, Pastor Erin