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This amazing gift of abundance from God is more than we expect, due to our human nature, and the world in which we live.  We so rarely can think beyond what we have known, experienced, and studied.

Living in God’s abundance doesn’t mean an abundance of material things. Those things can be taken away at any minute. Our wealth can be here today and gone tomorrow. Living in abundance however can mean seeking after God and the goodness of God in the world. It means using the gifts (time, talent, and treasures) that we might have, to give back to others and help our community.

In the Gospel Text from Luke that we read on Sunday in church, we get a picture of Jesus meeting us in our ordinary everyday moments.  Right where we are - and inviting us to trust God and move beyond the shallows of our lives, to take a chance that God might have something more for us - and DOES!

When we see what God is doing, we can be moved to participate in new ways.  We can be moved to take action in this Kin-dom in this age.

Where is God calling you to engage in the work of the kin-dom?  Where are you finding abundance?  Where are you finding you need or give help?

Peace, Pastor Erin