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Peter says these words to the disciples who think that he has betrayed them.  They are stunned that he was willing to bring the presence of God to others who were beyond what their community deemed appropriate.
As we read this story from Acts, we maybe come to understand, as Peter takes us through the story “step by step”, that what he was doing was following where God was leading.  

It is a beautiful story of how when we allow the spirit to move in and through us we very well might be able to see where we can be in one accord with people we see as the “other”.  Where we can find places to understand one another, where we can rejoice that God gives us the opportunity to to be in conversation and communion with people who are beyond our own scope of influence.  It is a breaking down of boundaries and walls that separate us.

What kinds of work are we active in that help us to break down walls that separate us?  Or do we even know that there are walls?  

May God guide you to reaching out to those around you - to build friendship and community and show the love of Christ for a world in need.