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For many years, Trinity Lutheran Church has supported The City Center. The City Center has helped hundreds of people out of homelessness and back into productive lives. Currently, there are 77 people living at The City Center and 47 of them are children. The City Center Board of Directors is trying to purchase the existing property from the owners. 52% of the operating costs is rent ($20,000/month). The property costs $3.95M and in order to procure the property The City Center Board of Directors kicked off a 3 year capital campaign fundraiser in May 2021 to raise the funds. To date, The City Center has raised $900,000. The City Center needs donations to support this worthy cause.

Please go to to donate. As part of the capital campaign fundraiser, The City Center has these upcoming events that need your participation:

Contact Jim O’Neill, if you have questions or can assist with the 11 September fundraiser dinner event.