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Family of Believers is our financial stewardship theme this year. We hope you had a chance to review the packet that was mailed earlier this month. 

God has called us to be the Family of Believers which gathers at the corner of Ashwood and Loma Vista at a place we call Trinity. In response we can participate in and provide for the needs of this community. God takes care of the family and we take care of each other. 

Strong families are committed to providing financial resources for health and security. A strong Family of Believers commits to providing financial resources to empower the ministry and mission at Trinity

We encourage you to make your commitment to Trinity, first by worshiping with your family (whatever your family looks like—a single person is a family, sometimes friends make a family), and second by making a written commitment to financially support the mission of Trinity.

Our leadership team has already made their commitments and many are continuing with the 50% increase challenge to ensure that our current and future ministry goals can be fully realized. 

Please bring your Commitment Card in the envelope included in your stewardship packet. We will bring these cards forward during the service. If you are unable to attend, you can return the card by mail or drop it by the church office. Your financial pledge will be helpful for our church leaders as they determine the Mission and Ministry Spending Plan for 2022.

Thank you for prayerfully considering your giving to TLC and thank you for being a part in the Family of Believers!