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This is a truly generous congregation!  The Drive-Through Food Drive and Fundraiser on Sept 13 was hugely successful.  A whole truckload of food was delivered to The City Center on Sunday afternoon, amid exclamations of "Wow," "Can You Believe" and "Many Thanks to TLC."  The donations included not only food, but also clothes, toiletries, and diapers. Olga Hamra, Assistant On-Site Manager, expressed her personal thanks for the generosity of Trinity Lutheran. She wanted the church to know that the donations would also be shared with Tender Life.  

Our congregation also raised $1250 toward the $1000 match from Trinity's Endowment Fund that will allow for the establishment of a fund to help those in our congregation and our community avoid homelessness due to the potential of eviction.  Allocations from this fund will be coordinated and controlled by a TLC oversight committee, working with Hank Koozehkanani of Project Understanding. 

Thank you TLC for your overflowing love for our community!