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Thursday, April 22 is Earth Day! The 2021 Earth Day theme, "Restore Our Earth," reminds us of this vision and the holy work God entrusts to us — of seeking the well-being of creation as inseparable from the wholeness of humankind.  Here are some resources provided by the ELCA:

"As stewards of creation, we have many ways to lovingly serve the earth:  

  • Explore and use ELCA Care for Creation resources, including video, study and action guides with information about the Creation Care Ambassadors initiative.  
  • Read the Lutherans Restoring Creation story "5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day as Church Together but Apart."
  • Accept the ELCA Young Adults No Plastics for Lent challenge this Easter season.  
  • Participate in a local cleanup (with appropriate distancing) if permitted by local authorities, or participate in the Earth Challenge 2020 citizen scientist initiative, focused on plastic pollution and clean air.  
  • Join with the ELCA's ecumenical partner Creation Justice Ministries in advocacy, education and prayer."