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As a result of cash donations during one of our food drives in 2020 and a grant from TLC's Endowment Committee, Trinity set up a Neighbor-Aid Eviction Fund, seeding it with about $4,200.  Since that time, our church has donated funds on a case-by-case basis to help ten families avoid eviction from their homes or to assist families to move into housing.  Currently, $449 remains in the fund.
One of our recent recipients took the time to pen a Thank You note to the congregation of TLC, saying, in part, "Thank you for walking the talk and helping to shelter a fellow human as Jesus told us to do." Our donation to help this individual and her family used only part of our eviction fund, but that small portion of our fund was of monumental significance to our recipient. Instead of being another statistic, going on a daily search for bathrooms and showers and sleeping in their car, she and her family will have have a roof over their heads and a place to call home.

All of us making our individual donations to build up our Neighbor-Aid fund can feel satisfaction at what we together accomplished -  one less homeless family, one more child with a place to do his or her homework every evening, and one more mom or dad feeling that they are taking care of their family. That is what we as a caring congregation can do for our neighbors.