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While Pastor Todd has been called to active duty in the position of Chaplain for evacuees of Afghanistan we ask that you please keep him in prayer.  Below is his letter to the church:

Dear Church,

As you know I am a chaplain in the US Navy Reserve. Month to month one of my main tasks is to be sure that I am fully ready to go in the case I am called to service. That call has come for the second time in my 10 year Navy career.

I have been mobilized to Active Duty from Sunday, September 5 to Thursday, September 30 for the continuing Afghan evacuation operations taking place in Europe.

I have requested a late departure time so that there can be a sending liturgy during our worship on Sunday, but that is not certain. What is certain is that this will be a very short mobilization for a very great need in God’s world.

This can be a challenging aspect of having a pastor who is also a Navy Chaplain. Remember that Trinity is strong and resilient. We have an excellent staff and extraordinary lay leaders and volunteers. We have been working hard for an exciting return to the program year in September.

Most of that will be happening in spite of my absence. Praise to God! What has to wait, will. God’s patience is a great gift. God’s kindom is among us.

Also remember that you are supporting a humanitarian effort in a way that most congregations will not be able to. The people of Afghanistan need our prayers. Please do that! The people who left in fear with a single bag of possessions need our prayers and assistance. I will be there for the second leg of their very long journey and, by extension, so will you! Think about ways to receive those who may come our direction.

I will hopefully see you on Sunday and then again in a few weeks. God be with you!

Pastor Todd+

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